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yo!, Dark Side 4 Eva


Posted on 2008.10.27 at 18:36
Dan, Mike, you know the drill: i need you to make my decision for me!

Okay, two games out of these at most in November.

Fallout 3
Far Cry 2
Gears of War 2

two of them and reasons why, help me chooose!


Red Chunks
redchunks at 2008-10-27 19:34 (UTC) (Link)
I can eliminate Far Cry 2 from that list simply by describing the gameplay with a simple sequence.

1. Drive for ages in open savannah.
2. Check map.
3. Drive some more.
4. Come across enemy jeep filled with enemies.
5. Kill said occupants.
6. Repeat.

samorai at 2008-10-28 09:43 (UTC) (Link)
Ah, that's a shame, I was quite taken by the free-roaming savannah shoot-em-up...erm...aspect(?). I'll wait about 4 months, get a pre-owned copy for £10. Cashback!
Thanks for the heads up, Twenty Mike Mike, I appreciate it.
In gratitude:

samorai at 2008-10-28 09:45 (UTC) (Link)
Also, here's a question for you:

Have you been back to Mass Effect since you completed it? I thought'd I'd do it again from the beginning (in order to fully utilise Bring Down The Sky) and for some reason, I'm finding it a real slog! Plus, I don't remember it being quite so jerky at times and loading randomly. Maybe I need to clear the box's cache? Hhrrrmmmm.
thelivingrobot at 2008-10-29 08:22 (UTC) (Link)
get fallout3, get gears2, get xbox live!
samorai at 2008-10-29 09:24 (UTC) (Link)
Get Xbox Live? So you can kill me repeatedly, comment on my lack of Skillz to pay the Billz and rub it in, like you do with poor, innocent Mike?
My poor ego couldn't repel sass of that magnitude!
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