samorai (samorai) wrote,

Tortoise Hill *

Ha Ha! So, thanks to the vicious and sustained barage of taunting and hate for messer's Chunks and Robot, I had the stunning idea of taking my mistake and turning it into a new idea! Behold! The Tortoise Hill!

Still, I think its a pretty nifty idea?

In case any cares, the tortoise is rare Gigantic Plains Tortoise. They hibernate for 10-15 years and are only found in the southern latitudes of the Benevolent Monarchy, using the grass and plants that grow on their shells as insulation and camoflage. So rare are the tortoises, that King Leon Saldana put them under Royal Protection and decreed anyone hunting or killing them would have themselves and their families subjected to the Death of a Thousand Cuts.

The figures in the foreground are Keeley O'Dell and her robot protector, Jaspa. (He is actually her brother. After he was fatally wounded by Jennen, one of Krakenthor's duplicate Praetorians, his mind was encased in an 8T88 reconnaissance chassis.)

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