samorai (samorai) wrote,

Shade *

It's Isaac Matthew Jensen and his loyal biped, Calavera, who are for some reason, hiding, weapons drawn, in the shade. As you do. This was just a 10 minute pencil sketch I did in my coffee break and then coloured it. Since there was no work to do.

Originally the combat bipeds were designed to be more like tanks, lots of levers and stuff and for the most part, that's how they'll remain but I decided since Calavera is supposed to be a non-production model, I'd give it some intelligence. It's supposed to be about as smart as a dog and can partially vocalise but thats about it.

Criticisms please!

EDIT! Also, someone made a comment...that's a rock, not a face. I drew it in like six seconds! Leave me alone!

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