October 10th, 2007

Mondo Jeff LIVES!

Flawless Cowboy *

This is Winston Kaplow.

He's an Variant-3 albino duplicate (which is a kind of clone but...different) and an a ruthless gunslinger and bounty hunter from the frontier-country of Doreydo. But Sam! you cry, how could an albino, who have heredetarily poor eye sight be a gunslinger?
Easy my inquisitive friends, he has a mechanical right-eye, a la Garrret.
For those who want to know, the fire was a photo of a large oil depot on fire in the UK.
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yo!, Dark Side 4 Eva

A monument to your sins

This is shit!

Since the studio got re-arranged, I got short changed by having my back to the only door into the studio.
Here's a floor plan to visualise.

Which means, even when it is quiet - like today, I cannot get on with my own stuff for fear of a managing director walking in. One argument is that they should get more business in, but that short of shit doesn't work with them.

Spare a thought for me, loyal amigos!
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