October 9th, 2007

yo!, Dark Side 4 Eva

This is for everything you would have done

Hello chaps!

I've been trying to do more drawing to combat the apathy of work. It's that or drink heavily, so this is probably the healthier alternative.

Anyhoo, I am going to upload more drawings not because I think anyone is interested but out of some borderline ego maniacal need for adoration.

But hey, this is the Monument of Destiny, built for the fearsome King Leon Saldana, the Terrible and Awesome.

That's not actually his face, but the ceremonial mask the ruling members of the Saldana family wear in public. This is all part of the "Storm Bringer" universe, which has lots of fun things like Albino clone gunmen, robots, giant desert going motorcycles and all sort of fun things.

Laters, playa's!
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