March 5th, 2007

yo!, Dark Side 4 Eva

The Genius of the Hole

The Genius of the Hole

Best game line EVAH!

Anyhoo, I've developed a somewhat worrying addiction to the CSI franchise. My crack of choice is definetely Miami, mostly for David Caruso's awesome snarly voice and his pre-title credits EPIC PRONOUNCEMENTS OF JUSTICE.


Early in season 1. Woman, found grasping a buoy in a marina, gets attacked by shark. Autopsy Girl shows woman was shot before the shark went all manwich on her. Then!

David Caruso removes the Sunglasses of Judgement from his, as always, immaculately uncreased suit, puts on the sunglasses and says.
"So, we're looking for a shark..." (pause.) "The human kind."

BOOM! Take that criminals, you have been PRONOUNCED! Your JUSTICE is inbound like some kind of awesome Caruso-tipped Tomahawk missile.

It's stupid, air-headed escapist fun but I like it all the same.

Oh man, what a tangent. Anyways, CSI: NY. This is the mandatory Police Arresting Dude. Who basically does the CSI's monkey work for them. I'd wager a freshly washed pair of socks that this dude is totally based on Max Payne, version 2.

Seriously! I mean, he's got the leather jacket, the same hair, same style tie! You know I am right.