January 22nd, 2007

yo!, Dark Side 4 Eva

Feet First Into Hell

I live...AGAIN! Totally!

Whattup kidz?

Anyhoo, the Samorai is moved into a shiny new house, with these two Crazy Muthafuckas(TM)!

This is Becky...she is six days younger than me. (And chaps, yes, I totally would) Her nickname is B-Train.

This is Rich, he's three months younger than me and shorter. (And if I were gay, maybe). His nickname is R-Type

Here they are playing on the climbing frame after we had a delicious lunch yesterday. Whilst my kids were playing, I went off and talked to the other dads and...never mind.

And Becky trying to menace Rich with that most sinister of tops...Teh Hoodie. (P.S, Mission Accomplished)

Here's some new years pics!
Amy! Sweeeet!

Erica (left) and Becky (right).

And again!

And...some dude...err...

And this is what I drive! Booyah!

What else...Oh yes, behold! Behold, says I! The Laughing Man has visited Bath Spa train station. Pop Culture +3!

And...this is Mii! On the right...yesss.

And finally, I did this! He's called Alistair Bailey. In brief: Alternate British Empire, 1917, secret RAF base, Mongolia, evil mountain spirit thing, possesed, cannibals, agent of the crown, fight, supernatural trickery, impaled, death, airship, artillery, boom, end.

That's pretty much it. Email me sometime you guys!

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