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The Adventure of Baron WTF - chapter 1

Hello, what's this in my Inbox?

Ooooh, I can save up to 25% off the DVD of Star Wars: Ewoks - The Animated Adventure!
And...I...oh wait, the Ewoks blow.
Why would I want that?! I'll see you in Hell, Amazon!

Also: Holy Shit, I'm still alive! How the fuck are you guys? Hope you had a good christmas and that!
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My kind of sport

Now this is a great way to combine sport and booze. Except in Bath. Drinking in a public space will get you arrested. Sort of. The law is kind of vague.

Although, judging by this screengrab, Twenty Mike Mike is already in on the action. (Obviously this was before he shaped up to become the lean, mean, world-devouring machine he is today)

Mike, you magnificent putting bastard!
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Saint Marko Fields*

Jennen and one of the Praetorian Guard at the Saint Marko Fields, in the Golden Sun Free States.

Started out as a dinky sketch on a bit of paper I scanned on a whim, turned out nice.
At least, the colouring did. The drawing doesn't make it clear (i.e I didn't draw it properly) that the grave Jennen is resting is hand on is on an overgrown plinth which is why Jennen is to the side rather than behind it. Makes sense? No? Tough!

I'll correct it at some point.
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Dan! Mike! Scuffs! 'Sideways' Edward Cicero!

Ceremonial/battle mask/headresses for the Krakenthor Praetorian Guard.

Which one do you prefer:

The ones on top have the echo-sounder/laser spotters styled after a hammerhead shark

The ones below are styled after some 'winged' thingies I found on a photo of some medieval knights armour.

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Delicious, like irony

Yo, America: (Sorry Dan, I know this annoys you)

Officer Reece's Cups - how do you make them so fucking delicious? I mean, seriously? They're awesome. Like chocolate coated happiness.

Good work, USA. Keep it up. Even if you don't have Teletext, I still like you.

So (for the sake of maybe starting a ripping argument) Canada: could try harder. Hint hint.
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I'll admit I've not only scene Star Wars: The Clone Wars at the local cinemoviefilmplex and that I really enjoyed it. So much more action (as befits Star Wars) and unlike the ROTS with its 'amusing' arguing Super Battle Droids, the talking droids are actually funny. (Well, I thought so: especially the "Why?" when a battle droid is thrown off the cliff top.

The only downsides were: Temeura Morrison not voicing the clones. Ziro the Hutt's uniquely disturbing 'gay New Orleans' accent.

But anyhoo, I thought this was very interesting. But then, I am sad like that:


Peace, we out!
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Grief counseling and cake will be available at the end...

Incident Date: 12th August 2008
Location: Attinger Jack Advertising, Bath, UK

Elements from the 52nd were detailed for a standard post-battle analysis through the lower floors of the AJA building, including the Studio and Studio kitchen, following the birthday of one the individuals there.
Attached are photos taken by L/Cpl A. Destephano

Copies to be forwarded to BARCOM/Div5/K
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Yeah! Whooo! One day closer to death!

I am 26. Ehhh....

Tis a shame I cannot be in Canada, Rhode Island and/or Danzania (as I like to call Senor Crum's domain) because I could share muchas beers with you chaps. I almost cried when I thought no one would turn up tonight, but 5 good friends came for some post-work beers and food. It was good and relaxed. Crying was abated!

Talk to me!
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